Living Legends 7: The Dangerous Dark


200 years after the last game, the world has changed drastically. Fear is the drudge-things is now almost nonexistent, since the invention of guns has given the Troglyns a much more effective weapon against them. Less of a cause for joy is the collapse of the old and fair empire and their replacement by a new and oppressive dictatorship ruled by the wicked Queen Amberosa.

Although most Troglyn citizens accepted her as a ruler, because despite how she imprisoned anyone who she thought threatened her power, they either did not realize how bad she was, or considered her tyranny a fair price to pay for safety from drudge-things, some were too strong to ever submit while they still lived. Although they caused Amberosa much inconvenience, all the rebels were eventually captured and imprisoned in a prison mine.

One such rebel was me, a highly-trained warrior or legendary aptitude named Spaetacon (Quinn Cummins-Lune). He resisted the Empire for many years, killing a large number of their agents. Finally, when he saw an opportunity, he tried to assassinate Queen Amberosa. He nearly succeeded, but after killing some of her most highly-trained bodyguards, was defeated. He was captured and had his face burned off by Queen Amberosa, but was allowed to live on in the rebel prison.


I was tense with anticipation. We had broken through our shackles and were preparing to escape the cursed mine. Soon enough a guard opened the door and said we needed to do work in the mine. We noticed when being led out that several soldiers were subduing a humanoid drudge. It was an unnerving sight, how close Amberosa was coming to assimilate even the powers of creatures from foreign planes of existence. I recognized that the defeat of Amberosa had to be soon, or the power of her empire would increase tenfold.

As I mined, I found a bludgeoning stone, although a crude and primitive weapon, was the only one I had. We soon returned and although I had failed to find any crystals, items that were essential in our leader Kyler's (Jay Dragon) plans, others luckily had. The next part of the plan was to convince the guard posted outside of our door to check out a supposedly sick prisoner. Then the ones of us with stones would jump out and beat him to death. It worked and the guard (Riley) was killed by a rebel I knew as Zazor (Ian). The guard's death gave us an opportunity to escape, and soon after use the crystals to disable a powerful bomb placed near our prison cell.

We immediately travelled to a hidden weapon stash and equipped ourselves with deadly equipment, including chainswords, giant axes, shovels, and a single 2-foot long drill sometimes called a Lumberator. I took that particular weapon for myself. As we went through the woods in preparation to launch a skirmish on Queen Amberosa and her forces, we were attacked by several guards. I focused my attention on the closest one, who was standing on a rock. I charged at him at top speed in a bold and risky frontal attack, and luckily his reflexes were inadequate to respond to me. By the time he was about to shoot at me, my Lumberator had torn through his upper body. Soon, every guard in the vicinity had been slain.

We promptly assaulted Queen Amberosa and her last bodyguards, who were desperately hiding out in the prison building. I burst through the door and found another group of prisoners surrounding the Queen and her two daughters. I grinned and said "I can kill you right now, Queen Amberosa. After I failed to kill you 10 years ago, you made the mistake of burning off my face but letting me live. All you did was fuel my vengeful desire until we now meet again and you do not have anything or anyone to protect you this time". She laughed, a reaction that greatly bothered me since my Lumberator was whirring through the air less than a foot away from her. She said "If you slay the royal family then you doom yourselves. Troglyn civilization will rise against you and you will find your empire does not achieve its ideals, and it will inevitably fall apart into chaos without me to maintain the order". I considered her statement for a moment, still intending to kill her shortly. Her words were not enough to avail her even briefly though, as one of my comrades viciously slashed her with his weapon. Threatened with the possiblility that I might not complete my vendetta, I tore apart the Queen with my Lumberator. Mere seconds later, I had also chopped her two daughters to pieces. Then I left the prison building and joined the other rebels, victorious after so long.


We had reached a minefield that blocked our exit from the prison. There was a single high-ranking guard (Mike Phillips) pointing his gun at a force that outnumbered him 30 to 1. I threw a heavy rock at him, breaking his knee. He fell back and detonated a mine, blowing him apart. Our way clear, we traversed the minefield and walked out into a new future.

Changes made during the game:

  • The rebel prisoners escaped
  • The royal family was killed
  • The royal family was resurrected
  • Prisoners and drudges became allies