Living Legends 6


In the last game, which took place 130 years after the Sorceror's Reign, a coalition of good Stonelords called the Apostates formed. They had fought the Covenant of Stone to a stalemate, bringing about endless war. Finally, the location of artifacts called the Hammer and Chisel of the Gods, which were used by the gods to create the universe and could be used by mortals to bring about any magical effect whatsoever. When it came down to it, the Covenant of Stone won the artifacts and became invincible dark gods.

Now, in the events of the 6th game, which take place 30 years in the future, huge numbers of refugees are fleeing underground where a race of subterranean humanoids called Troglyns are known to dwell. Unfortunately, they are being frequently terrorized by Chaotic Evil Planar Outsiders called Drudge-Things or Drudges. Into this harsh setting comes a sentient drudge, a member of the Troglyn Imperial Guard, who is bent on saving Whorl from the menaces of his own plane.

I am Calth (Quinn Cummins-Lune). I have come to this plane to protect its weak, primitive races who are becoming unintended victims of my bestial cousin's insatiable hunger. It is my moral duty to keep these people safe from the dredges. I am travelling through an underground forest with the Imperial Guard. It is becoming increasingly dangerous as the number of predatory Drudges grow. Even now, I can see their bioluminescent skin shining as they close in on their prey.

Luckily, we have all reached a refuge. The Drudges are still relentlessly surrounding us. As my duty dictates, I volunteer as a sentry so as to make sure my charges stay alive. Eventually, several factions including the Imperial Guard head into the woods for some reason. We find a decrepit monster lying on a boulder and find out that astonishingly it is actually Ajagara, the draconic queen of the dragon-born. She asks for a person of royal blood to be sacrificed to her. The hidden Emperor of the Troglyns (Marcus) who we of the Imperial Guard are extremely loyal to, recklessly volunteers as the sacrifice.

He promptly runs away and the dragonborn servants of Ajagara chase after all. The Emperor is a good man, and I do not intend now to just let him be killed. I follow him at my fastest sprint, and see a shadowy figure chasing after him. I believe this person to be a Dragonborn, so as soon as I close on them, I cut through their spine with one clean blow of my sword. As my dying enemy collapses to the ground, I see their face. It is Puck, one of my comrades in the Imperial Guard.

I return to the refuge and mull over my terrible deed. I eventually decide that I cannot be diverted from my mission by a single unintentional murder, and that I will find a way to absolve myself after the Drudges are dealt with. Sadly, I was forced to take responsibility soon after the murder of Puck. Apparently, a human witnessed my deed and publicly announced what I had done. I denied it, but all the races are naturally afraid of Drudges and a vengeful mob formed, intent on killing me. I fled in terror and had only just escaped the refuge when my arm was sliced. Drudges are very hard to kill, so the wound had little effect on me. I continued to run away until the mob closed in and stabbed me a few times. Now seriously injured, I fall to the ground helpless. I would have died then and there were it not for one of the Imperial Guard (Ezekial) who stands up to the tide of vigilantes. Without warning, one of them stabs toward me with his blade, and panicking, I swing my sword in his general direction, incidentally stabbing my comrade instead.

In the seconds before I would have been killed, the Emperor appears and dragged me into a field to be questioned. The entire group has gathered there, most of whom want me dead. Someone shines an intense light designed to stun Drudges into my eye, and I collapse to the ground. As the questioning begins, I can hear the clamor of angry people suggesting that somebody kill me. The worst aspect about this situation is that my best friend, almost a brother by now, Heller (Sandford) a small but aggressive Troglyn, now hates me because he believes that I betrayed the Imperial Guard. He asks the Emperor for permission to kill me, but luckily is refused. After a long period of questioning, I am left to fend for myself as the group goes off to fight a pack of Drudges. They warn me that if they survive this journey back to the Troglyn capital city, I will be put on trial by the Emperor.

I watch helplessly as the humans and Drudges fight until one side or the other is entirely slain. I attempt to use my mindlink to the Drudge-beasts for the purpose of pacifying them. Tragically, it fails, likely because my drudgeness has become tainted by my years spent on Whorl. I am unable to do anything except stand and watch the battle, in which the Drudge-beasts are thankfully slain.


As promised, I am put on trial by the Emperor. I ask him to choose the verdict of sending me back into the woods to kill as many Drudges as possible before my inevitable death. It is not that I feel I do not deserve to be killed for murdering Imperial Guard, but it would nonetheless be a waste of a valuable asset. Therefore, I pray the Emperor chooses rightly.