The Sorcerer's Reign begins 130 years after the events of The Great Hunt. The 20 Children of Stone who became gods, now known as Stone Lords, have overthrown the dragon empire. 800 thousand out of the 1 million humans alive 130 years ago are dead. Many Stone Lords died as well but whenever 1 dies 2 more are born by a Yasir woman. There are now 275 adult Stone Lords in existence.

Into this chaos comes a mutant dragon-man named Drexel Dragonborn Dragos. He fought against the Stone Lords with fire and claw until he faced the Lord of Ruination, the worst of the Stone Lords. He used his chaos magic to destroy the entire Claw City that Drexel was defending and Drexel only narrowly managed to avoid being impaled by the stone spires that the Lord of Ruination ripped from the ground and escaped.

He came up with a daring plan: he would bring Stone Lord children to a hideout called Dragon's Hollow in a magical forest and teach them to develop their magical powers so as to fight their tyrannous parents. He and the sentient magical tree Birchbraid have been protecting the forest for almost 20 years now. There are now 7 pairs of twins, as well as one Stone Lord child who lost his powers when his twin's head was smashed by a Yeti Abomination created by the Stone Lords. I am 20 Yeti's Wright (Quinn), a Stone Lord child and the last hope for Whorl. Me and my brother, Phoenix (Steven), regularly fight the beasts mutated and twisted into horrible forms by the Stone Lords, though I do the actual slaying. Luckily we have never caught more than a glimpse of a Stone Lord, or else we'd probably be dead.

One day someone calls the alarm and we go into the woods to investigate, and I expect to be called 21 Yeti's in about an hour. Unfortunately, the Stone Lords must have got fed up by Drexel, because 5 of them attacked our forest. We were losing terribly and to make things worse, me and Phoenix wasted our earthquake spells. When us and the other Twins, dragon warriors, and shamans returned, we found that the Stone Lords had stolen Birchbraid and were torturing her just to be bastards. When I told them to go to hell, they slew her. Then they charged, and I throw 2 bolts of magic at them, missing once but probably hitting the second time. A Stone Lord with a giant axe was almost within range to hit me but I ran like the dickens and escaped.

I later snuck back after transforming myself into a wraith. It was to no avail, because even when I snuck behind a Stone Lord, transformed back into a human, and threw a bolt of magic I still missed.

I tried to come up with an idea of how to hopefully take down a couple Stone Lords in what would most likely be a suicide mission, but the only plan I could come up with was really risky. Just as I was about to implement it this shaman leader called us all to this sacred area surrounded by crystals. He said that if a set of twins and a shaman were connected by this crystal, they would become true gods. 4 sets of twins, including me and Phoenix, were transformed by the crystals. The twins all went to the battlefield along with the dragon warriors. When we faced the Stone Lords, the dragon warriors bravely formed the first line, accepting that many of them would probably die in that battle.

When I entered the melee it was terribly chaotic but I managed to target a Stone Lord. I blew him apart with celestial explosive magic. Unfortunately, while I was distracted the shaman holding the crystal died so my divine powers were rapidly fading. I still managed to defeat a second Stone Lord with at least half a dozen bolts of magic, take his gigantic axe, and hew apart a third god. At this point all 5 Stone Lords had been killed, but Drexel declared that we had won only a single battle, and now it was time to win a war. Unfortunately, there are 270 more Stone Lords, and my divine power is now gone.

Changes made during the game:

  • Birchbraid died.
  • 5 Stone Lords died.
  • Several sets of twins became gods.
  • I am now 3 Stone Lords Wright.