The Great Hunt starts 900 years after the creation of Whorl, when there is only 1 known Great Beast left: the Agromar. The Agromar is the size of a bear with scythe-claws and a magical hide that reflects all damage dealt to it back at the attacker manifold. Anyone who dies in its vicinity is resurrected as a zombie. Naturally, in a time when Yasir bear names like Pig, it was very exciting when the Agromar was discovered on an island. A great hunt was announced by the Red-jaw warrior Firewhale, and all the greatest warriors came to try their hand at slaying the beast.

I, Whale-eating Ice Worm (Quinn), who slew a 300-foot long worm from an extremely rare species, was one of the warriors on this hunt. However my aims were slightly different from the single-minded blood-lust of the other warriors. In my mind, the mainland people, especially the Dragon Dynasty, were the real threat. The Agromar just wanted to be left alone and after all it helped to create the world and if anything should be revered rather than slain. I decided to find the Agromar on my own and convince it to throw down the Dragon Dynasty and enslave the mainlanders. If there were multiple Agromars I might even be able to convince it to mate with another member of its species and raise a small but unstoppable Agromar army.

On my side was my trusty sidekick Ice-claws the Fox (Freddy) (I am a Beast-master, giving me the power to talk to animals) and another Beast-master named Kronos. When we tracked the Agromar Kronos showed his true colors by running away and yelling "I want the name Agromar". I followed him and threatened to kill him since I was confident that I could take him a duel, small as he is. I decided not to since he said that there could be repercussions. Instead, I told my chief 3-eyed Crow about his treachery and she made him an outcast and took away his name.

Soon I forgot about Kronos when the Red-jaws started acting threatening. Their warleader and lieutenant chief Firewhale was macho and all for killing the Agromar and anyone who disagreed with him was automatically his enemy. We were afraid they would blow the Hate-Horn which would make everyone try to kill each other. We joined up with the Children of Stone who wanted to stop the Red-jaws from killing the Agromar. I looked down on their wishing to save the Agromar without it giving them anything in return, but my tribe had made the unanimous decision to join up with them, so what could I do?

We found the Agromar fighting off Red-jaws with only 1 arm remaining. We protected it, slaying most of the Red-jaw hunting party, though I did not kill any of them myself. The Agromar was saved and it made the Children of Stone gods through genetic right. I was angry that it would be them heroically throwing down the Dragon Dynasty rather than me and my Agromar army. It was still a victory for both the Children and the Beast-masters but not the Red-jaws.

Changes made during the game:

  • The Children of Stone and the Beast-masters protected the Agromar, and the former became gods.
  • All the greatest Red-jaw warriors were slain, including Firewhale.