The Thirteenth Day was the first game in the Living Legends series. It took place on November 15th, 2014 at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School.

Background Edit

The Thirteenth Day took place during the world's genesis, while all of creation was half-formed and its people lived in a state of naive innocence. The forest which comprised the entire world was inhabited by various kin, people who had been sculpted from the natural materials of the world a handful of days ago. The Creators, the divine beings who had been making the world, went missing-- along with a single woodkin-- and by the start of game they had been gone for an entire day.

The game's literary teaser was posted to the Wayfinder website, with an illustration by Leigh Petersen. Additionally, the players received a timeline of the thirteen days:

World Background Edit

First the Creators created each other.  Then they made Day.  And on that first day, they made Night.

On the second day, the Creators made the Earth and stones and dirt beneath the sky.  And they made Zuer from the sky, but he was sad.

On the third day, the Creators painted the rain on the sky and it dribbled down to form the river.  They made seeds and sowed grass.  They seized small plants and stretched them into trees.  They showed this wonder and beauty to Zuer, but he was still melancholy.

On the fourth day, the Creators made Mother Doe, and Father Wolf, and all the birds and beasts.  They hoped that this would cure Zuer’s loneliness, but while he smiled and spoke with the creatures of the forest, they could see that he was still unhappy.

On the fifth day, the Creators carved the Stone Kin from great boulders that had fallen from a mountain.  When Zuer met the Stone Kin, he was overjoyed.  They talked long into the night.

On the sixth day, the Creators shaped the Clay Kin from the soil by the river.  They joined in the Stone Kin’s revelry and shared their camps.

On the seventh day, the Creators layered the world with hard and soft, smooth and rough.  The Stone Kin and the Clay Kin touched their hands together and discovered that they were not the same as one another; and that Zuer was different entirely.  This made Zuer sad all over again.

On the eighth day, the Creators carved the Wood Kin from the trunk of a great tree which had fallen.  The Stone Kin and the Clay Kin competed for their friendship, and still Zuer felt alone, so he left to stay with the animals.

On the ninth day, the Creators apologized to Zuer and pulled soft, soft soil from the bottom of the river.  They shaped the Silt Kin, and he was happy to meet them, for they were more like him.

On the tenth day, the Creators painted Cold onto the air.  Everyone came together to rejoice.  Cold was different and felt new and exciting.

On the eleventh day, everyone grew weary of Cold, which was beginning to make them unhappy.  Mother Doe and Mother Rabbit gave Zuer their fur to make coats for the many Kin.  And the Creators made their bones into the Beast Kin.

On the twelfth day, the Creators made Fire, and they sculpted the Flame Kin from it.  Everyone was quite happy to meet them, because of the Cold.

And on the thirteenth day, which is today:  the wood kin Azara was missing this morning.  And the Creators, who usually arrive at dawn to begin their work, have not yet arrived.  Zuer, who is the eldest, seems most upset by this, as it has Never Happened Before.  And searching all the forests of creation, nobody has found them at all.  And so the kin all gathered at the Big Fire to discuss what to do.

Game Overview Edit

Evil Enters The World Edit

The game began as night fell and the Kin gathered around the Big Fire. No one had located the Creators, or Azara, despite looking for them all day. Temu eventually cracked and admitted that he and Azara had broken The Promise and ventured beyond the forest that was the world. He'd gotten scared and returned to the forest, but Azara had journeyed into the cave. The Kin agreed to go see the edge of the forest.

Upon arriving, they found Azara lurking near the edge of the world, with an enormous beast behind her. She brushed off accusations that she had broken The Promise and betrayed the Creators; she declared that the Kin no longer needed the Creators, and that she had seized the power to create for herself. Leading the beast from Elsewhere into the World, it became real, and the Kin suddenly understood it for what it was: Evil.

Love And Justice Edit

Now that Evil had been brought into the Forest, the Kin fled in terror and regrouped at the Big Fire. Luckily, two strangers were waiting for them there: Love and Justice. Each claimed to hold the key to ousting Evil from the Forest: Love offered the Kin the power of compassion, which Love claimed would defeat Evil, whereas Justice offered fairness and claimed that compassion would create imbalance in the world.

Those who followed Justice watched as one of the Kin lost their hand, and were asked what would make it fair. Many chopped off their own hands, proving they grasped Justice's teachings, and these were granted weapons and the knowledge needed to use them.

Those who followed Love were taught to keep from being pushed to the ground by rolling with Love's gentle shoves and accepting aggression without resistance. When they mastered this, Love gave them the power to heal their fallen fellows.

Before the Kin could go to face Evil, Love and Justice asked them to choose the fates of Temu and Azara. Justice argued that they had betrayed the Creators, and the Kin, and allowed Evil to enter the world, and that they had to be punished for their transgressions. Love argued that they should be forgiven. Further complicating the matter was the fact that Temu seemed truly repentant, but Azara, who had fled Evil with the rest of them, was nevertheless proud of her "creation." The Kin argued for quite some time before deciding to figure it out after confronting Evil.

Back at the cave, the Kin confronted Evil with the powers of fairness and compassion. Half of the Kin attacked Evil and tried to correct its nature by force; half of the kin approached Evil with open arms and attempted to accept it into the world and mend it that way. Unfortunately, Evil and the beings it had made with the brush and chisel of the Creators savagely attacked both parties, resulting in the deaths of many Kin. Love itself was killed in that fight; Justice was wounded; and Azara and Temu died as well, sealing their fates. The Kin fled once again.

Unity and Liberty Edit

Returning to the Big Fire once more, the Kin once again found two strangers there to call upon them. They introduced themselves as Unity and Liberty. Unity claimed that the Kin had been defeated because they had failed to work together; Liberty argued that it was because the Creators failed to teach them to think for themselves. Each said that they could show the Kin the way forward, and once again the Kin split to pursue the goals of each.

Unity brought the Kin to a battlefield where they would not merely fight Evil, but wage WAR against it-- organized and methodical, working as a team. They formed a phalanx and, even though Evil's many manifestations kept coming, they held the line.

Liberty brought the Kin to the cave where Evil lurked, and taught them the power to vanish from the world and become invisible. The Kin entered the Cave and stole the Creators' brush and chisel, the tools they'd used to create the world.

Evil Is Caged Edit

With the brush and chisel, and the ability to organize themselves, the Kin joined into battle properly against Evil. Though it took several pushes, they were able to injure Evil long enough to create a cage around it. Many of the lesser manifestations he'd created were repainted into benevolent forms, but remember: Evil was not gone, only restrained.

Following the battle, the Kin pledged to finish the world and set out along different paths. The story of the world was not over, but just beginning.

Results Edit

The following details sprang forth from The Thirteenth Day as caused by player actions, and will definitely have impact on the next game:

  • Evil is imprisoned in a metal box whose opening is barred.
  • The Lesser Evils in this world include Failure, Pride, Wolves (as well as Wolf Attacks), and Plague (as well as Rabies and Food Poisoning).
  • Azara and Temu were killed without ever finding repentance or acceptance; their fate is shared by the few remaining Wood Kin.
  • The Silt Kin chose to follow Love and Liberty almost-unanimously, and stole the brush and chisel from the cave. They go on to become their own tribal race in the next game.
  • The Beast Kin and Flame Kin seemed mostly to choose Justice and Unity, and go on to become several tribes in the next game.
  • The exclusionary Stone Kin overwhelmingly chose Justice over Love, and were frequently overheard complaining about non-Stone-Kin. They go on to become their own tribal race in the next game.